Labor counseling

Labor counseling

Our Labor Advisory service allows our clients to make the best labor decisions always within the scope of legality.

Our service is totally personalized, assigning a professional advisor to each of our clients who will accompany them at all times and whenever they need it.

The provision of labor advisory services, reaches among others, the following aspects:

  • Payroll management
  • Design of remuneration policies
  • Management of employee registration and deregistration with the Social Security.
  • Company certificates, management of labor contracts, IRPF regulations, salary cost simulations, retirement, disability, management and capitalization of unemployment, dismissals, ERTE, etc.
  • Labor restructuring and collective bargaining
  • Company agreements
  • Application of disciplinary regime (misdemeanors and sanctions).
  • Legal representation of workers
  • Immigration, regulations, residence permits, management of new permits, work, visas, obtaining nationality, etc.
  • Labor conflicts (labor inspections, agreement applications, conflict resolution, etc.).
  • Labor auditing and consulting.
  • Consultation service in the labor area

Our goal is that our clients can focus on their main activity, with total peace of mind, since we take care of managing everything related to labor area thus achieving an increase in productivity, reducing errors and saving time.

In order to analyze and make decisions on the aspects that affect the labor aspects of the company, we hold regular meetings with our client.

We work from a multidisciplinary approach to advise and provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.